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About Us

Our Mission: To Provide Convenient, Affordable, Quality Healthcare.

MEDLIVE SOUTH was established in 2018, after Dr. Jeremy Stidham recognized a need for an on-demand urgent care experience for the people in his local community. He desired to provide a more convenient and comfortable atmosphere for working individuals with families to receive treatment for urgent care concerns. As telemedicine continued to evolve, he identified how to provide patients with high-quality healthcare without ever having to sacrifice their time. By providing an affordable, virtual urgent care, patients can avoid long wait times, exposure to illnesses, and save on transportation. MEDLIVE SOUTH was created for those who don't have enough time to be sick.  Let the providers at MEDLIVE SOUTH save you time and assist you on the road back to wellness.  

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What is Telemedicine?

"Consumers want telemedicine. The greatest impact of telemedicine is on the patient, their family and their community. Using telemedicine technologies reduces travel time and related stresses for the patient. Over the past 15 years, study after study has documented patient satisfaction and support for telemedical services."
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Although telemedicine has been at work for many decades, the evolution of modern technology, along with providers desiring an increase in patient satisfaction, has sparked a telemedicine movement. New technological advancements like video conferencing, electronic medical records, and products designed to remotely monitor vital signs (watches, fitness bands, etc.) have allowed patients and providers to access healthcare in a whole new way. Telemedicine has been proven to reduce cost and provide individuals with all-access, on-demand care. Not only does telemedicine allow for convenient patient care locally, but telemedicine has also created a path to assist with providing healthcare and treatment to those in developing countries who would never have an opportunity to receive medical treatment otherwise. It is true that telemedicine and ever-evolving technology is changing the face of healthcare.  Our providers at MEDLIVE SOUTH have recognized this movement and have partnered with eVisit, whose mission is to "improve healthcare delivery for providers and patients by bridging the gap between technology and healthcare." Together we will constantly strive to remain at the forefront of the telemedicine movement, while continuing to provide convenient, affordable, high-quality healthcare.  

Meet the Providers

Dr. Jeremy Stidham

Dr. Jeremy Stidham has served the residents of North Alabama for the last nine years, and continues to work in private practice as an internist at Cullman Internal Medicine. Prior to beginning his practice in Cullman, he completed an internship at Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama. He is very active within the Cullman community, and serves as a hospitalist at Cullman Regional Medical Center and is the medical director for Southern Care Hospice. Dr. Stidham desires to provide Cullman, and surrounding communities, with access to quick, convenient, quality care.

Prior to pursuing a master's degree in nursing, Stacey worked as a registered nurse in the emergency room at Children's of Alabama for five years. She earned her Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with a specialty in family practice. She has worked alongside Dr. Stidham as a nurse practitioner for six years. As a full-time employee and working mom, she understands how precious time can be. She is eager to serve you and your family.

Stacey Varden, CRNP


"As a full time college student with a full time job, I don't have any time to be sick and I definitely don't have time to go to the doctor in the middle of the week. I created my account, saw a provider and picked up my prescription before lunch! It was so quick and easy-I'll never go to an urgent care again! I absolutely love MEDLIVE SOUTH!" 
"I recently used MEDLIVE SOUTH. Sign up was simple. Requested a visit. Shared my symptoms with the doctor over the easy to use video conference system. He was very kind and sent my prescriptions straight to the pharmacy. My symptoms improved within a day and the price was incredibly reasonable."
"On the day my daughter was leaving for space camp for the week, her cough was getting out of control. We logged onto The MEDLIVE SOUTH and within minutes met with the nurse practitioner. She asked questions, called in a prescription and we picked it up on the way to space camp! Easiest thing ever!"  
"When I saw the advertisements for MEDLIVE SOUTH I was so excited. I signed my family of 5 up as soon as I could. I had no idea we would use this the first week they were open for business. Let me just say, I LOVE IT. The ease of requesting an online visit and paying took no time at all. Not having to leave home and go wait in a waiting room, worrying about what else we may be exposed to was totally worth it. We have seen both providers now and both were very thorough and asked plenty of questions to make me feel we were truly examined and not rushed at all. They were truly concerned about us and our sickness. We will definitely be using again and I will recommend to anyone I can!"                                 -L.T.
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