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Each visit only costs $39*
*Visit cost increases to $59 between 8PM-6AM.
Business plans are available.


Simply create an account by answering a few questions about your medical history. A provider will be ready to see you in less than 15 minutes and you'll be notified via text when your consultation is ready to begin. This means no waiting! You can continue on with your day until you receive your personal notification. You can choose to consult with our provider either via telephone or video chat. Once the consultation begins, one of our providers will listen to your concerns, and will develop a treatment plan with your health and wellness in mind. This consultation should take approximately 10-15 minutes. Prescriptions can be sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice, and a summary of your visit can be downloaded for your personal use.



It is true that many illnesses require a complete physical examination, but most urgent care complaints can be diagnosed and treated by a thorough review of your symptoms and focused physical exam. During your exam with our provider, you will be asked to simply show the provider what hurts. Our clinical software allows you to share pictures and real-time video with the provider. If you have a rash, you can simply show this to the provider via picture. If your concern is a sore throat, you will be asked to lean towards the camera with a flashlight. The provider will then guide you through a more in depth exam that further evaluates your symptoms. Based on all the information gathered by your provider, it is very likely that your illness can be treated using our online clinic.

How can you diagnose me without seeing me in person?
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